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A web application is a lot more than a simple website. It is custom made to provide solution to specific problems and issues with a business. Typical examples of web applications development are ERP systems, Accounting and Billing Systems, Help desk support systems, Online market place for a particular type of business, Social media portals and ticketing system.

When it comes to web applications, Xtech Pro Technologies, Patna, Bihar offers several options to its customers ranging from PHP-MYSQL based web applications to ASP.NET based web applications and pure Java based applications. Each web application is custom built to suit the requirement of a business.

Xtech Pro Technologies is a software development and web application development company based in Patna, Bihar, India. We help companies develop custom software application or custom web application to serve their customer, employees and run business smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

We offer simpler and smarter custom web applications that make your business consistent and efficient. We innovate and stimulate solution that offers better data management and faster transactions. Our business development managers and analysts visit clients for requirement gathering, fine tuning and making a world class proposal for desired web application services.

It may be that the way you do business is truly unique and requires a custom designed and developed application just for your company or particular business process. It may be that there are no "off-the-shelf" products suitable to your requirements. Or, it may be that it is more economical to develop something totally custom, rather than taking an existing platform or application and modifying it to meet your specific needs.

Custom Software Development is our business! It’s what we do best!

What Web Application we can develop :

  • web design serviceInteractive Full Flash Web Design
  • Hotel Management Software Web / Software Application
  • Bricks Manufacturing Industry Management Web / Software Application
  • Restaurant & Bar Management Web / Software Application
  • Hospital Management Web / Software Application
  • E-commerce Web / Software Application
  • Social Media Web / Software Application
  • ERP Web / Software Application
  • HRM Web / Software Application
  • School / College Management Web / Software Application
  • Library Management Web / Software Application
  • News Portal Web / Software Application
  • Matrimonial Web / Software Application
  • Accounts Management Web / Software Application
  • …and any application as per demand

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